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Would Not Would Not

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Make a synth.

Record every tone of the keyboard and load them to a sample track in a music program: EPIC JAM!

Would be cool.
Impressive work by the way, sounded a little bit weird. Heh. Hah. Hoh.

LazyMuffin responds:

I don't have a midi keyboard thingy ):


Guitar Transitions Guitar Transitions

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Would be cool to

sample this and make a song or something. Anyways, super brilliant work. A work of genius.

Ok really it's kinda

LazyMuffin responds:

The last one loops very well. IT'S UP TO YOU VFTWINS!

He Walks Everywhere He Walks Everywhere

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I'm your new best friend

Man on a Mountain Man on a Mountain

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Bob Dylan

I hear you guys like him.
But anyways I love the song, cool text and sort of sounds fresh :)

notnath responds:

yeah it's sort of rotten, been left out too long

2,000,000 Pageviews 2,000,000 Pageviews

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Good composing.


LOve this song man. Bring in some strings and it would be fancy shmancy completely great.

LazyMuffin responds:

It's not pitch, it's speed. c:


Vänder På Kepsen Vänder På Kepsen

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Dette er veldig/gjette bra/brä! Kjempebra instrumentspilling, deilig lydbilde og superprofesjonell mixing! Dere burde ha platekontrakt og selge dette her! :D


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Because I Was Better Than You Because I Was Better Than You

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I love all this, you learn really really fast! The two loops "in front" are a bit too clear but the effect I can hear are used well and clipped well. For example by looping a small part of a loop (if I heard right, yeeees?). Nice stuff bro.

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SimonG responds:

Yeeees you heard right :)

Thank yah brahthah.

NogSong NogSong

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nice grooves, I love it lol.

MrScriblam responds:

i am a really bad rapper

FailSong FailSong

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Don't be bored D:

Please don't be bored...
The sound in this song was really cool, would just like to hear it longer and stuff. Good concept.

Lol what happened in the end? A better "structure" would be cool.

BennyE responds:

hehe Denne lagde jeg for kjempe lenge siden... da fantess det ikke noe som helst sturktur!

Melodic Drama II (Tonsoy Mix) Melodic Drama II (Tonsoy Mix)

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This is really awesome. Love the ending.